Daily WOD Process

5:30 AM — Wake-up and swing legs to the floor. Assess body soreness. Determine that it’s going to need to be a ‘grow day’ (a.k.a., rest).

6:30 AM — Despite it being a ‘grow day’, check website to see what WOD I’ll be missing.

7:30 AM — Drive past box on way to work and glance into the parking lot to see which coach’s car is in the parking lot.

9:30 AM — While in the cafe buying celery, run into Crossfitting workmates. Proceed to have loud discussion about the horrors of wall balls and thrusters. Don’t notice looks of perplexed co-workers overhearing dialogue.

11:30 AM — Order grilled chicken breast at cafe. While waiting for order, watch videos of Stacie Tovar climbing ropes.

2:30 PM — Snack on almonds while working at desk. Decide to check WOD again thinking maybe I’d read it wrong.

4:30 PM — It’s been a long day at work. Maybe I could just swing by the box and ride the bike? After all, it’s good to stay lightly active on a ‘grow day’.

5:30 PM — Arrive at box to see Vijay doing the WOD during 5:00 class. I can certainly do the WOD if Vijay can do the WOD.

6:30 PM — Why the hell did I decide to do this damn WOD? I should just admit defeat and leave now. I’m an idiot.

7:30 PM — I’m really glad that I didn’t give into myself and take a third consecutive ‘grow day’. I feel awesome after that workout.

11:30 PM — Check website incessantly for tomorrow’s WOD. Hope dreaming about it will build needed muscle memory.



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