Getting Rich Owning A Gym

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It’s common for CrossFit affiliate owners to say that you shouldn’t expect to get rich when opening a gym. That’s really not true. If you’re fortunate, the experience will make you rich.

During the quarantine, we all heard about the scarcity of toilet paper, but, for myself, it was a scarcity of hearing your stories. Here’s some of what I heard and experienced today that was missing for three months.

  • Courtney P and Kyle have joined the ranks of parents working to perfect the ‘parking lot child transfer’. Are there best practices?
  • Courtney J was excited about her experience in helping save a patient using CPR. When she got home, she drank a beer, took a nap and then came to the gym to crush workouts.
  • Mick is getting a DNA test on his new dog.
  • Jill went rowing in the morning while the water on the river is calm.
  • Alex is going to be away for a couple weeks taking part in the Air Forces’ Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape school. Not easy stuff.
  • Dino had his first cross country practice today and was excited about how CrossFit has helped him prepare. He’s excited for the season ahead.
  • Just returned from vacationing at Acadia National Park, Matt and Max suggested that hiking in the mountains was easier than today’s workout.
  • Mother and son, Ryan and Jen, sent me a post-workout video of themselves jumping into their pool in their workout clothes.
  • Abbey got lots of pre-workout taps from the 4:30 class. Maybe patting her head as you head out for the run is considered good luck.
  • I did the workout with Bion and Jodi. That was a lot of push-ups. People have often commented on my ability to ‘pace myself’ and keep moving. That’s code for slow.
  • Alyssa was still pumped about doing forty-two 24” box jumps in last night’s workout.
  • Anup jump-started CB’s car between rain showers.
  • And the night ended with the regular DinoMax dialogue about all matters relevant to teenagers. Dino prefers a post-workout Pop-Tart and Max often goes with a gallon size bag of Goldfish.

Well, thanks for always keeping it interesting. Plus you’re pretty good at fitness, too.

Former blogger, current CrossFit gym owner. Former paratrooper, marathoner, youth sports coach and jujitsu black belt. Hoping to retire soon to write full-time.

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