As a coach and an owner, I can attest to the fact that everyone who walks through our doors sinks a hook into my heart. The longer they stay in your life, the more shared experiences you have, the more you witness their struggles and triumphs, the deeper the hook sets.

When contemplating the idea of opening a gym, I immersed myself in research. I read countless articles, listened to hours of podcasts, visited other gyms and talked with their owners.

One article that resonated with me focused on the type of community members to hope for. The bottom-line of that article was that you should feel happy when you see a member walking through the door.

I recall the very first time Tiffany walked through our doors to do a drop-in. She had an immediate impact with her bright smile, positive energy and good nature. I thought to myself: I really hope that she joins. A few days later, she walked back into TCF and, since that day, she’s been part of the bedrock of the TCF community.

If one could design an ideal member, the rendering would look a lot like Tiff. Champion of others. Humble. Funny. Supportive. Hard working. Determined. Brave.

Of course, nothing in life is permanent. This fact of impermanence is a constant reminder to appreciate and enjoy the current moment.

Each person that becomes a part of the TCF community takes residence in our heart. When they depart, we cherish the memories, look forward to their return and wish them all the good fortune and happiness possible.

Next week, Tiffany’s next journey in life begins with a drive to Florida. We’ll miss her, but we’ll also be her biggest champion and look forward to hearing about her many adventures.

Be well Tiff. Thank you for the memories. We’ll be rooting for you and hoping to see you soon.

Former blogger, current CrossFit gym owner. Former paratrooper, marathoner, youth sports coach and jujitsu black belt. Hoping to retire soon to write full-time.