Maui — Five Month Update

Abbey in Maui
The Hawaiian Islands
Scrivener writing application
Visitors arriving at the airport in Maui.
  • No Shirt Guy: Abbey and I see him most mornings. He walks and talks on his phone. He never wears a shirt and it’s not because he resembles The Rock. He looks more like Dwight Schrute. What is most interesting is that his pale skin tone is completely unchanged despite the daily shirtless walks. No tan, no sunburn. I’m beginning to suspect that he’s a cyborg.
  • Chicken Man: We spotted a guy carrying large reusable shopping bags with each arm. The bags were so heavy that he had to stop to rest every 50 feet or so. At first, I thought he was carrying groceries, but he was headed toward the beach. Eventually, we discovered that he was carrying bird seed in those bags and feeding the wild chickens that lived by the beach. His routine is so consistent that the chickens gather near the crosswalk each afternoon in anticipation of their seedy savior’s visit.
  • Traveling Boat Captain: One of the drop-ins at Aloha CrossFit is a long-term visitor. She will be on the island for three months. I’ve heard of ‘travel nurses’, but her profession is ‘travel boat captain’. She moves around the country to wherever boat captains are needed. She’s here to captain whale watch boats during Maui’s peak season.
  • Shark Man: This gentlemen likes to stop us on our walks and share stories about his connections with the sharks offshore. He claims that they tap his kayak to warn him of rip tides and other hazards. He recently visited a local shaman and was advised that he has Dr. Doolittle-type powers. I’ve asked him to tell the sharks that I’m cool.
VO2 Max Improvement
Just Mauied
University of Hawaii’s women’s volleyball team
Bad weather on Thanksgiving.
Haleakala National Park



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Trey Whitaker

Former blogger, CrossFit gym owner, corporate manager, paratrooper, marathoner, youth sports coach and jujitsu black belt. Now happily retired in Maui.