• Your adventurous spirit that has taken you around the world (although mostly to beaches)
  • Your bright smile that lights up any room you enter
  • Your sense of humor including, most importantly, the ability to laugh at yourself
  • Your love for children and dogs and especially Abbey and Ben
  • Your love for family, but especially your grandparents who loved you beyond all others
  • Your impeccable sense of fashion combined somehow with your love for hanging out on the couch in a pair of really soft sweatpants
  • Your ability and desire to quickly make friends wherever you may go
  • Your willingness to lead and to do so with compassion
  • Your talent on the sports field, the dance floor and in the classroom
  • Your passion for fitness and all sorts of good food from sushi to salsa to donuts
  • But most of all, your loving nature.

Former blogger, current CrossFit gym owner. Former paratrooper, marathoner, youth sports coach and jujitsu black belt. Hoping to retire soon to write full-time.

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